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Abbotsford Arena

More than 1,000 tons of structural steel, OWSJ, and misc. steel went into the construction of this new 7000 seat capacity facility. “Moment Frames” and associated steel provided the main support for the seating above the concourse level. The main roof was constructed of wide roof truss sections, up to 20ft deep x 92ft long, weighing close to 30 tons each. The unique curved roof was achieved by building into each truss chord a certain radius. With the help of a 200 ton crawler crane, the installation of the majority of the structural steel was possible. More than 1,500ft if railings was installed at stairwells, vomitory openings, and temporary guards. A 600 ft long catwalk systems high above, within the roof trusses, was constructed for special lighting. A dedicated field crew made the construction of this project possible and within the schedule