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Coast Meridian Overpass

 The Coast Meridian Overpass was completed in 2009; at the time it was the longest single-span launched steel bridge in North America ( 3 spans at 125 meters (410’) each), it was the heaviest at 5,200 metric tonnes and it was the first cable-stayed launched steel bridge in North American. KWH needed to break some records having to overcome limited pier accessibility and capacity due to a fully operational 55 track CPR Train Yard and a very shallow bridge profile of just 3 meters. To launch this heavy bridge across multiple spans up to 125 meter, temporary stay-cables and a long 40 meter temporary launching nose were employed. Our proprietary hydraulic launching system was used to push the bridge from one side to the other over 500 meters away.

The City of Port Coquitlam, BC finally has access from North to South of their city.