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Pioneer Bridge

Pioneer Cycling and Pedestrian Overpass is 73 meters long, 3 meter wide steel arch bridge crossing over one of BC busiest Highways (Hwy 99), what makes this steel bridge unique is the impressive light show at night. The complete three piece arch section was fully assembled and welded in the vertical position, on falsework, in the hard shoulder of the highway during day shifts using KWH’s 200 ton crawler. Erecting challenges meant a tight schedule. Working on a single 8 hour night closure, the crane moved into an exact position on the highway, set on level timber pads (the highway has a 6% grade), picked the bridge and rotated through 90 degrees and landed onto bearings see time lapse video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG7lF55kGw8

The girder was stabilised with wind guys’ tensioned from the central median before being cut loose from the crane. All equipment was removed and the highway was reopened on time. The remaining deck girders were installed and field welded during partial highway closures.