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Winston Sperling Ped Bridge

The Winston Street Pedestrian Bridge near the Sperling Skytrain Station in Burnaby, B.C. won 2009 Outstanding Steel Structure Award from The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.

Erection of the 120 meter Pedestrian Bridge with “Floating Deck” and guard rails spanned over Winston Street and the BNSFR railway tracks.
The bridge truss was fabricated from pipe in 5 sections, delivered to site for assembly and erected in 3 pieces.

The truss sections were erected onto falsework towers and after the splices were field welded the fill-in sections of the deck were installed. The pipe bridge has painted steel mess bolted to the sides of the walkway. Lower guardrails of same design were bolted along each side of the precast ramps.
Finally, custom-formed, perforated aluminum lighting curbs were installed along each side of the precast ramps and through the bridge