Specialized Erection Equipment

Every bridge construction method is unique in many ways. Each can benefit from specialized, custom build handling equipment to achieve a smoothly phased construction operation. To conceive, design, build, execute and commission these devices requires a complete understanding and extensive knowledge of how these complex structures can be built.

At KWH, all these talents have been brought together to offer construction companies the experience and expertise necessary to successfully meet these challenges.

KWH provides designs and quality manufacturing of the finest standards. We make our components using hard wearing and long lasting parts. Some of the custom built items offered are:

  • Specialized lifting derricks, cableways and travelers
  • Erection machines or apparatus for concrete segments
  • Temporary erection trusses for bridge assembly and launching
  • Erection gantries
  • Form travelers
  • Any custom made system for your project

Please see Somerset Construction Engineers for more details.

View our gallery of our Specialized Erection Equipment